The new Robocoder demo for Dwarf mountain contains the first 2 missions and one of the later missions to give you a small taste of the excitement that awaits you end game. The Demo will also receive the Live-link Playground update that is scheduled for later this month!

We really tried to squeeze a good amount of playable content into the demo and we hope you enjoy it!
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Robocoder – Dwarf Mountain is the perfect game for educators and students of all ages! It combines the excitement of exploration, the challenge of 3D logic puzzles and the innovative play style of a new genre, brain training. Students will love the engaging story that follows the Robot Mar10 as he discovers the secrets of a lost dwarven civilization. As they progress through the levels, they’ll gain valuable problem solving skills, develop their coding abilities and deepen their understanding of the world around them. With Robocoder – Dwarf Mountain, your students will be actively engaged and learning, while having a blast!

Parents, Robocoder – Dwarf Mountain is the perfect game for your children! Not only is it exciting and engaging, but it also provides educational benefits that will last. By playing Robocoder, your children will be challenged to solve 3D logic puzzles, hone their coding skills and expand their knowledge of the world around them. With the game’s unique play style and brain training genre, your children will be actively learning, while having a ton of fun! Robocoder – Dwarf Mountain is the perfect way to help your children grow and improve their problem solving skills.

Robocoder enters Early Access on Steam Releases 28th Nov